Entech Engineering, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm. Our staff is highly qualified, experienced, and diversified. We are professional engineers, environmental experts, and skilled geologists. Our services include but are not limited to subsurface investigations, geohazard investigations, groundwater investigations, forensic investigations, Phase 1 environmental site assessments, engineering design/analysis, and engineering consulting. Our engineering design/analysis services include building frame and foundation systems, earth retaining systems, earthdams, forensic recommendations, geohazard mitigation measures, and pavement designs.

We also provide quality construction inspection services utilizing highly experienced technicians. Our services include but are not limited to: concrete testing, density testing, fill control, steel observations, and drain observations. All work is performed under the supervision of a professional engineer licensed in the state of Colorado.

Our multi-disciplinary approach streamlines our clients project management requirement and simplifies technical project conflict resolution during all phases of design and construction while reducing project execution and development time.