City of Colorado Springs

Gas Division – Compaction Testing, numerous projects

Electric Department – Compaction Testing, numerous projects

8th Street and Cimarron Intersection Improvements

Airport Drainage Improvements

Box Elder Drainage Improvements

Chapel Hills Technological Center Drainage Channel Improvements

Circle and Galley Road Improvements

Douglas Creek Channel Improvements

Dry Creek Drainage Improvements *

Fire Station No. 10 Building Addition

Galley Road / Academy Intersection Improvements

Garden of the Gods Road Improvements, Chestnut Street to Centennial Boulevard

Garden of the Gods Road Improvements, Elkton Dr. to Centennial Boulevard

Galley Bridge Improvements *

Gas Division, Marksheffel Site Septic System

Hancock Road Expansion at Spring Creek *

Highway 83 Water Line *

Improvement District No. 44

Lorraine-Kinnikinnik Storm Sewer Improvements

Martin Drake Power Plant Storm Sewer Improvements

Mesa Springs Improvement District, 1988 and 1989

Mesa Springs Improvement District, 1992

Mesa Springs Local Improvement District, Phase IV *

Monument Creek Bank Stabilization *

Monument Creek Bridges *

North Stone Avenue Drainage Improvements

Palmer Park Boulevard and Potter Drive Storm Sewer

Palmer Park Boulevard Storm Sewer Phase 10, Schedule I and II *

Park Meadows Channel, Phase B *

Pebble Way Drainage Improvements

Radiant Drainage Channel Upgrade *

R. D. Nixon Power Plant - Change Room Addition

Sand/Salt Storage Dome II *

San Miguel Storm Sewer *

Spring Creek Maintenance Facility Soils Investigation *

Union Boulevard and DePaul Street Storm Sewer

Union Boulevard and Vickers Drive - Street Improvements

Village Seven Pipeline Replacement Project

Woodburn Street Storm Sewer *

Birdsall Power Plant Improvements *

Leon Young South Work Center *

Baltic Street Improvement Project*

Ray Nixon – Zero Discharge Building - Pavement Improvements * 

* Project performed directly for the City of Colorado Springs

Municipal and Government**

Air Force Academy - Water Main

Arriba, Groundwater study for wastewater treatment plant

Buena Vista Sanitation District, Groundwater study for wastewater treatment plant

Campo Water Tank / Distribution System

Cheraw Wastewater Facility Expansion

Cheyenne Mountain Elementary School Remedial Recommendations

Cheyenne Mountain High School Pool and Arts Addition

City of Woodland Park - Memorial Park Upgrade

City of Woodland Park - Sub-Base Improvements

Colorado Springs School District 11 Trailblazer Elementary

Colorado Springs School District 11 Northeast Elementary

Colorado Springs School District 11 Facilities Management Building

Cripple Creek Water Improvements

Cuchara Wastewater Treatment Facility

Deer Trail, Groundwater study for wastewater treatment plant

Falcon Air Force Station – PACCE Facility

Falcon Air Force Station – GM-3 Shelter Project

Falcon Air Force Station – Parking Lot Expansion

Florissant Sanitary Sewer

Fountain Mesa Fire Station

Genoa, Groundwater study for wastewater treatment plant

Kiowa, Groundwater study for wastewater treatment plant

Northeast Teller County Fire Station

Paint Brush Hills Wastewater Treatment Facility

Paint Brush Hills Water Tank

Peterson Air Force Base - Storm Drainage and Parking Improvements – two years

Triview Metropolitan District Effluent Pump Station

Triview Metropolitan District Regency Park Reservoir No. 1

Triview Metropolitan District Water Storage Tank

Woodland Park School District RE-2 Elementary School No. 3, Divide

Woodland Park School District RE-2 Middle School

**  These municipal and government projects are in addition to those described for the City of Colorado Springs


Austin Bluffs Parkway and Rangewood

Austin Bluffs Parkway Widening - Market Center

Beacon Lite Road Improvements, Monument, Colorado

Centennial Boulevard Improvements - Wickes Dr. to Allegheny Dr.

Colorado Springs Airport Parking Lot Expansion

Constitution Heights Filings 1 and 2

Data General Service Road

Dublin Boulevard – Rangewood to Oakwood

Garden of the Gods Road Improvements, Phase I and II

Glen Eyrie Visitor Center

Jimmy Camp Creek Road, Countryside Subdivision

Mesa Road and 30th Street Roadway Improvements

Morning Sun Filings No. 2 and 3, Woodland Park, Colorado

Norwood Development - Greenbriar Park View

Norwood Development - Northwind

Norwood Development - Sundown Filing #20

Norwood Development – Wagon Trails Subdivision

Nor wood Development – Newport Heights

Oak Valley No. 6 Pavement

Pikes Peak Highway Improvements

Regency Park Roadway Improvements, Site Grading

Woodland Park - Sunny Glen

Woodland Park Fujiki Filing No. 1

Woodmen Road Bridge at Cottonwood Creek

Woodmen Road – Havenwood to Powers

Mesa Ridge Parkway, Fountain

Wolf Ranch Development – Roadways

Research Parkway – East of Powers

Indigo Ranch Subdivision

 Misty Acres Subdivision – El Paso County

Trails End Subdivision – El Paso County

Villages at Woodmoor Subdivision – Monument

Falcon Highlands Subdivision – Falcon

Meridian Road – Woodmen to Highway 24 – El Paso County

Mesa Ridge Subdivision – Fountain

Environmental Site Assessments and Environmental Engineering

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

Entech provides Phase I ESAs for individual land transfer as well as for large-scale land development companies in the Colorado Springs Colorado area.  Entech has performed numerous Phase I ESAs for individual property owners.  Entech also routinely provides Phase I ESA for land tracks planned for development by companies such as Richmond American Homes, Wyndham Homes, Inc., Classic Homes and Alpine West Development.

Environmental Services

Environmental services provided by Entech focus on evaluation of soil and groundwater conditions and construction and development of monitoring plans.  Entech prepared voluntary clean up application in accordance with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment voluntary clean up program.  Typical environmental services projects performed by Entech include:

Ashcroft Homes, Silica Sand Site

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for 60-acre parcel.

Broadmoor Pines Townhomes, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Detailed environmental site assessment (Phase I) of 26-building complex.  Investigation was required by the lending agency.

Rail Road Facility, Pueblo, Colorado

Inspection of underground diesel storage system and inspection of underground storage tank removal.  Services included appraisal of system, evaluation of on-site hydrogeology and surrounding area.

Commercial Building, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Subsurface investigation for contaminant migration study.

Hotel Site, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Subsurface investigation to evaluate potential contamination of soil and groundwater conditions.

Vacant Warehouse Facility, Denver, Colorado

Subsurface soil and groundwater to evaluate extent of contamination from underground storage tanks.

Private Property, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Site assessment and subsurface soil investigation to evaluate condition of large quantities of potentially contaminated fill material on property.

Muffler & Brake Shop, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Inspection of underground storage tank removal services included site appraisal and soil analysis.

Norwood Development, Colorado Springs

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for Sundown, Northwind, Dakota Ridge and Subdivisions.

Penhurst Park Estates, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Phase I site assessment of a residential development and subsurface evaluation.

Texaco, Spring Creek Oil Field Stabilization, Wyoming

Stabilization design of failed waste ponds.  The project involved extensive testing of variable sludge characteristics as result of temperature fluctuation.

Theraldson Development, Colorado Springs Site

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for hotel site in northern Colorado Springs.

Geowest/Amoco, Salt Lake City Refinery, Remote Site Stabilization

The project included stabilization and isolation of sludge ponds, preparation of reclamation plans and construction observation.

Geowest/Amoco Oil, Salt Lake City Refinery, Groundwater/Product Recovery Cleanup

Recovery trenches were utilized to control groundwater flow from the site.

Geowest/Amoco Oil, Wetlands Reclamation

Reclamation plans for disturbed wetland areas were developed for EPA approval.  Project involved construction coordination and observation.

Proposed School Site, El Paso County Colorado

State of Colorado Voluntary Cleanup Application, including evaluation of soil and groundwater characteristics in debris filled ravine. 

Proposed Car Wash, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Evaluation of petroleum contamination as a consequence of potential off-property leaking underground storage tanks.

Beazer Homes, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for existing rural residential area consisting of more than 50 individual residences.